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Why medical

services in Israel?

There are extremely strict requirements in Israel to doctors’ qualification: they must learn 15 years as a minimum; it is not possible just to buy a medical license.

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Does it sound important for you?

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You have a complicated health issue.

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Your local doctors cannot help you.

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You are looking for reliable second opinion.

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You have heard about Israel’s medicine but too much advertisement makes your choice too difficult.

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When retired you would like to live a full life instead of just living it out.

Solutions for you

Diversified medical centers. Wide range of health issues you may come up with.

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Acute illness or a complicated health issue

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A scheduled check-up

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A scheduled treatment

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Second opinion

About medical centres


A private medical center Top Ichilov provides services on the basis of the largest Israel’s state hospital Ichilov located in the very heart of Tel Aviv. The medical center was created 16 years ago to allow doctors of Ichilov maintain a private practice right at the hospital.

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Top Assuta is the largest private medical center in Israel. More than 1500 high-quality physicians treat patients here. Many surgical operations carried out in Top Assuta are unique in the world medical practice. Medical services are provided according to the highest international level JCI (Joint Commission International). More details.

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We are a private agency arranging high-quality medical services. We are a representative of two biggest private clinics in Tel Aviv (Israel): Top Ichilov and Top Assuta.

The idea (background) of this project is based on our family’s personal experience: a member of our family was cured by Israel’s doctors. He had no chances to survive in Russia. After Israel’s doctors helped to some of our friends as well, we understood how it was important to dispose information in time: very often people suffer from simple lack of proper information and lose capabilities (time and chances). We decided to improve it by this project.

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