About Top Ichilov medical center

Website: www.ichilovtop.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/TopIchilov

A private medical center Top Ichilov provides services on the basis of the largest Israel’s state hospital Ichilov located in the very heart of Tel Aviv. The medical center was created 16 years ago to allow doctors of Ichilov maintain a private practice right at the hospital. Today Top Ichilov works exclusively with professors, heads of Ichilov’ hospital departments, totally about 200 world-class specialists.

Top Ichilov specialty:

  • Wide range of diagnostics

  • Cardiology

  • Orthopedics

  • Surgery (wide range)

Why Top Ichilov distinguishes from other medical centers of Israel?

Doctors’ competence: Top Ichilov employs professors known worldwide, heads of Ichilov’ hospital departments.

Equipment: Top Ichilov has access to the equipment of the largest state hospital Ichilov.

Wide profile: wide range of medical issues that can be addressed. Top Ichilov is able to engage any of 2000 physicians of various specialties that work for Ichilov hospital.

No advance payment: you will have a full diagnostics and treatment programme and its cost before arriving in Israel and visiting the medical center. You can also pay medical services upon each phase of treatment.

Personal doctor: from the moment of your arrival you will be accompanied by your personal doctor who will control the process of treatment. You will be introduced to each other before your arrival in Israel. Administrators of Top Ichilov’ international department will take care about all organizational matters without any intermediaries involved.

English language: during your stay you will be accompanied by a qualified medical assistant who will assist you as an interpreter, though doctors mainly speak English.

Emergency assistance: should a patient of an ordinary private medical center experiences unexpected cardio problems during treatment, such a patient is normally brought to a state cardio section of a state hospital. Such a hospital may not exist in a particular town of Israel, and a medical transportation may take time. Such assistance is immediately available in Top Ichilov: a patient will be quickly transferred to a specialized unit within Ichilov hospital.

You may continue treatment at home. You may choose services in Israel: e.g., you may apply for a diagnostics in Israel and continue treatment in your home country. You will receive all necessary medical documentation in English to facilitate it.

Supervision by Israel’s Ministry of Health: Top Ichilov has a state license and value it very much. The medical center works under supervision of Israel’s Ministry of Health and in strict compliance with the Law on Health in Israel from 01 May 1995.

Medical center address is: 14, Weizman, Tel Aviv, Israel. Distance from the medical center Top Ichilov to the sea beach is 1.55 miles only.