About us

We are a private agency arranging high-quality medical services at two biggest private medical centres in Tel Aviv (Israel): Top Ichilov and Top Assuta. The idea (background) of this project is based on our family’s personal experience: a member of our family was saved by Israel’s doctors. He had no chances to survive in Russia. After Israel’s doctors helped to some of our friends as well, we understood how it was important to dispose information in time: very often people suffer from simple lack of proper information and lose capabilities (time and chances). We decided to improve it by this project.


We are happy to share with you our knowledge, information about the clinics we checked ourselves (personally).  We enable you to get the shortest route to these clinics, without any intermediaries, to get in contact directly with their international departments who work with foreign patients worldwide.  We also help to arrange your trip to Israel as effective as we know it upon our personal experience, i.e. specific feature of air transfer, accommodation (apartments, hotels), transfer, payment, preparatory electronic documental transmittal, general information about stay in Israel – all that things that normally stay on the back burner when the one arrange his health care trip, but which can make your trip and stay more cost effective, comfortable and calm.

Important: we do not charge you! We are paid by medical centres. You pay for medical services only upon arrival directly to a medical centre.