Why medical services in Israel?

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There are extremely strict requirements in Israel to doctors’ qualification: they must learn 15 years as a minimum; it is not possible just to buy a medical license; ongoing knowledge exchange and intensive cooperation with the US and EU medical society. According to statistics of World Health Organization, Israel keeps leading position in the World Medical Services Ranking. Many of the latest innovations and scientific discoveries concerning methods of global healthcare improvements have been done due to achievements of Israel’s scientists and medical practitioners.

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Health is an area where ‘price of an error’ is too high. If you hesitate about the qualification or expertise of your local doctors, it makes sense to look for a professional medical care or seek “a second opinion” of Israel’s medicine: your chances to obtain a correct diagnosis, an effective and innovative treatment or even a critical help become much higher! If you local medicine fails helping you, give a chance to the Israel’s doctors to help you!

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The key advantage of Israel’s medicine compared to the USA and EU is that cost of medical care and treatment is less than in the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland with a comparable quality of medical services.

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A chance to combine treatment with a holiday at fine beaches of a tender Mediterranean Sea and / or visiting holy places.

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A wide range of medical solutions and services.